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Jaltest Jet Ski Marine Diagnostic Software Tool kit

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Jaltest Jet Ski Marine Diagnostic Software Tool kit

Jaltest Jet Ski Marine Diagnostic Software Tool kit is the leading solution for Jet Ski and Personal Watercraft diagnostics. It is highly trusted by marinas, dealers, mobile marine shops, and DIY owners.

The Jet Ski license kit provides comprehensive diagnostics capabilities for Jet Skis and Personal Watercraft. It includes both the necessary hardware and software for efficient diagnostics.

This diagnostic tool subscription offers the most extensive repair and technical information guide available to aftermarket repair shops, dealers, and mechanics. It is initially included with the purchase and can be renewed annually.

While the diagnostic software will continue to function fully without the subscription, it is important to note that the following  features will not be accessible without it:

  • System technical data
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Engine service data
  • Engine technical data
  • Troubleshooting by symptoms
  • Releases and procedures
  • Repair times
  • Customer support
  • Software updates

System Requirements: 

  • Microsoft Operating System
  • Recommended for Tablets and Laptops

What's included:

Software: 74501005

  • 74501005 - Jet Ski license of use activation
  • 74601005 - 1 year of enhanced capabilities access, updates and full support

Interface Kit: 70001023

  • 70001015 - Link Interface
  • JDC107.9 - USB Cable
  • JDC213.9 - OBD Cable
  • 70002007 - Multi Pin Kit
  • 70003015 - Transport Hard Case
  • JDC100B - Link V9 25m SUBD Cable

Jetski Cable Kit: 29986

  • JDC601A - Yamaha cable
  • JDC602A - BRP Seadoo cable
  • JDC610A - Kawasaki 4 pin cable
  • JDC641M - Kawasaki power 6 pin cable
  • JDC660M - BRP Seadoo key programmer cable
  • JDC661M - Yamaha Key programmer adapter
  • JDC662M - Kawaski key programmer

PWC and Jet Ski Coverage:

  • Honda
  • HSR-Benelli
  • Kawasaki
  • Sea-Doo (BRP)
  • Yamaha
Warranty Information
1 Year Warranty on all hardware, modules, wiring, cable adapters and plugs.  Online support valid throughout the subscription time frame with Jaltest. 
The Seller warrants the supplied products in relation to defects in materials, manufacture or assembly
for a period of one year; except for Cojali Reman remanufactured products where the warranty period
will be six months from the date of shipping of the Goods, counted from the date of delivery of the
Goods to the Client.
The warranty shall consist on the repairing or replacement of the items that have been recognized
as defective, either by defects in material or by defects on manufacturing or assembly. The repairing
will be made at the Seller’s workshops, and the Client will be charged with the expenses incurred by
the remission of the products or defective items to the Seller, such as charges, transportation, taxes,
customs, etc., as well as the costs of the subsequent delivery, once the repair has been made.
The repair or replacement of a defective item does not change the start date of the warranty period of
the whole product, which will be of one year, except for Cojali Reman remanufactured products where
the warranty period will be six months from the date of shipping of the Goods. Under no circumstances
shall the Seller be responsible for the repairing carried out by staff not belonging to its organization.
Remain excluded from the warranty, the damage or defects due to normal wear because of the use
of the goods.
Remain also excluded from the warranty, which will still be considered expired, the damage and
defects caused by negligence, beatings, misuse, inadequate preservation or maintenance, incorrect
or defective
assembling or installations, variations in the power quality (voltage, frequency, disturbances...),
modifications made to the goods without the approval of the Seller, installations made without
following the technical instructions of the goods, and in general, any cause that is not attributable to
the Seller. Cojali USA, Inc. is not responsible for any damages caused by its guaranteed products. That
is, Cojali USA, Inc. is only responsible for the restitution of the damaged product.