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Effortless control on the water


Certified Dealer of Dometic Optimus 360 Steering Systems

Seatoys Marine, an authorized Dometic Optimus dealer, offers a range of services including expert installations, repairs, upgrades, diagnostics, joystick calibrations, and warranty repairs. Our dedicated team ensures professional handling of all your Optimus steering system requirements. With our convenient mobile repair service, Cape Cod boaters can enjoy the ease of having their boats serviced without the need to relocate. Place your trust in our experienced professionals for all your Optimus steering system needs.

Docking with Precision

Optimus 360 seamlessly integrates with the EPS system, providing your boat with an enhanced level of control. By utilizing its user-friendly joystick function, Optimus 360 empowers you to effortlessly maneuver your boat in various directions - forwards, backwards, and sideways - by simply pushing the joystick to the left or right. Moreover, this innovative system enables you to execute precise rotations with ease, granting you complete mastery over your boat's movements. Upgrading to Optimus 360 is easy with the Seatoys Marine mobile division, servicing Cape Cod boaters.

Optimus Electric Actuator

Dometic's latest electric actuators provide unparalleled reliability and ease of use for outboard steering systems. The Optimus all-electric EPS is a game-changer in terms of steering, offering an unprecedented level of control that you won't find anywhere else.

Optimus 360 joystick

Optimus 360 provides exceptional boat control at low speed. 360 joystick control excels best in the marina, when pulling in and out of your slip, or while docking. Intelligent programming minimizes the amount of shifting required to complete a maneuver as compared to competitors.

Outboard All Electric

If you're searching for the ultimate steering solution for your single, twin, triple, or quad outboard motors, your search ends here with Optimus EPS all-electric! This state-of-the-art system is the ideal choice for single and multi-helm station boats, including performance powerboats, bay boats, center consoles, saltwater fishing vessels, RIBS, catamarans, and pontoon boats. Discover the unparalleled steering experience provided by Optimus EPS all-electric.

Experience the Pinnacle of Steering Precision

The marine industry is constantly evolving, and this includes the steering systems that are being installed on boats. For many years, oil-filled hydraulic systems have been the industry standard, but that is beginning to change. Nowadays, many outboard manufacturers are switching to Dometic Optimus 360 and Optimus EPS electronic steering systems. These new systems eliminate hazardous situations, oil leaks, and the difficulty of turning the steering wheel. Upgrade your steering to Optimus EPS or 360 with the help of Seatoys Marine, an authorized dealer for both systems. We offer a mobile service that comes to your boat for repairs, eliminating the need to move your boat from your dock to a local marina for service. Contact us for more information.

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Electric vs Hydraulic

Say goodbye to the outdated hydraulic system and hello to the advanced E-Actuators. The previous Optimus system relied on hydraulic cylinders, hoses, pumps, and PCM computer to achieve seamless steering and control. The new system, however, boasts electric actuators, a color display, a 360 joystick, and a SeaStation autopilot GPS antenna.

Engine Manufacturer Warranty

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (MMWA) prohibits companies from voiding a warranty or denying coverage solely because an aftermarket part was used. The warranty can only be voided if it can be proven that the aftermarket product caused a non-defective part to fail. Dometic has confirmed in writing that any damage caused by their system or replacement part used with the Engine Manufacturers product will be covered under their warranty policy.


The Dometic SeaStation is the ultimate solution for GPS engine anchoring, providing unparalleled position and heading functions for a diverse range of engine brands. With SeaStation, you can confidently hold your position or heading without the need for a physical anchor, making it the perfect choice for fishing enthusiasts and boaters alike.

Why Go All Electric?

Ensuring ease of maintenance, this product is fully compatible with Optimus Helm, CANtrak display, and 360 Joystick. It shares a similar size with the tournament Optimus cylinder and is also designed to work seamlessly with drive by wire autopilot systems from Garmin, SIMRAD & Raymarine. Its adjustable speed sensitive turns lock to lock and adjustable speed sensitive wheel effort provide enhanced control. Moreover, the inclusion of Ackerman steering makes it an ideal choice for pontoon and catamarans. Furthermore, it meets the electrical and environmental requirements of NMEA 2000 NMMA, ABYC, CE, ISO, and SAE.

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Elevate your boating experience with Dometic Optimus, which boasts an array of impressive features that enhance both handling and safety. Explore our exceptional product lineup, including the E-Actuators, 360 Joystick, Cantrak color display, adaptive trim tab systems, SeaStation GPS antenna with autopilot, and a diverse selection of electronic steering helms.

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