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Jaltest Marine Diagnostic Software User Guides

The Jaltest user guides are an invaluable resource for current users and owners. These guides cover essential software setup procedures, updating the marine software, enabling expert mode, and executing basic engine connections. Furthermore, mechanics can access detailed video guides that provide comprehensive instructions for carrying out specific procedures using the diagnostic tool.

If you are having trouble with your Jaltest Software, setup or hardware components, please contact our customer support.

How do I setup and use my software?

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Getting Started

  • Jaltest Connecting to Engines Demo

Outboard Guides

  • Suzuki Outboard BCM Lever Calibration

  • Yamaha Outboard Command Link Lever Reset

  • Mercury Outboard Smartcraft DTS Calibration

  • Evinrude Fuel Injector Calibration

Other Guides

  • Performing Engine Surveys

  • Performing Sea Trials