Furuno Deep Impact DI-FFAMP High Power TruEcho CHIRP Fishfinder Amplifier [DI-FFAMP]

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Deep Impact DI-FFAMP High-power TruEcho CHIRP™ Fishfinder Amplifier

The “Deep Impact” DI-FFAMP, a new, high-power TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder Amplifier, designed specifically to work with NavNet TZtouch3. This 2kW or 3kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder amp gets you down to the deepest waters to find your catch. Deep Impact boosts your power to a 2/3 kW CHIRP Fish Finder. But if that’s not enough, Deep Impact allows you to connect a 5kW or 10kW transducer with the BT-5. 

The system marries CHIRP and CW signals to ensure that as you go deeper, your echoes come back strong and clear.


  • Works with TZtouch3 Internal Fish Finder to amplify it to a 2/3kW TruEcho CHIRPTM Fish Finder
  • Capable of using a 5kW or 10kW transducer (BT-5 required, actual output power from DI-FFAMP is 3kW)
  • Utilizes both CHIRP and CW signals to ensure strong and clear signals in deep water
  • 2 Channel TruEcho CHIRP, 18-225kHz with a maximum depth of 3,000 meters
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