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Shadow-Caster Light Commander V2 Multi-Zone Lighting Controller w/N2K - Ethernet Connectivity [SCM-LC-N2K-PLUS-V2]

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Light Commander V2 Multi-Zone Lighting Controller with N2K - Ethernet Connectivity

Discover the SHADOW-CASTER® Light Commander NMEA 2000, a pioneering solution in LED lighting control for boats. This first-of-its-kind product is crafted in compliance with the latest NMEA 2000 lighting control standards, ensuring enhanced lighting control, seamless marine system integration, and improved interoperability.

Control up to 6 zones of lighting per module, including 4 zones of RGB or RGBW lights, with ease and precision. Explore, set, and store a variety of lighting scenes – from color change, fade, rotation, and strobe, through to music sync effects, offering versatility and customization to illuminate your boat like never before.

Encased in durable IP67 housing with Deutsch-style IP67 connections, the Light Commander NMEA 2000 ensures reliability and performance in the marine environment. The backlit logo signifies the quality and innovation that SHADOW-CASTER® is renowned for.

Elevate your marine lighting experience with the Light Commander NMEA 2000 – where technology meets functionality and style.


  • NMEA 2000 Backbone or MFD Network Port Connectivity
  • Global control for all lighting
  • Up to 6 separate zones of lighting control – expandable to 12 or 18 by connecting additional SCM-LC-N2K modules
  • 6 “Instant ON” switch inputs for enabling lights without MFD control
  • Supports RGB and RGBW lighting
  • Optional wireless connectivity for control from a mobile device (SCM-LC-PLUS-V2)
  • IP67 Water-resistant housing with waterproof connections
  • Deutsch style IP67 rated connections, for clean OEM installations
  • All in one design, no need for a separate MFD communication bridge
  • “Digitally fused” over current protection circuits, 15amps/channel (X4)
  • Backlit logo and zone indicator LEDs to indicate functions and operation
  • Built-in 3.5mm female audio port and microphone for music sync input
  • Multi-zone Lighting Controller for NMEA 2000 & Ethernet connectivity with integrated HTML interface


  • IP67 rated enclosure
  • Power: Supports over 600 watts of RGB lighting and virtually limitless Shadow-NET® connected modules
  • 15 amps per RGB(W) zone, 60 amps max
  • 10 to 30V input range
  • Direct 3.5mm female audio input for music synchronization
  • Music sync created by onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Shadow-NET® bus allows system expandability
  • Digital power protection set at 15amps/channel
  • Built-in switch inputs for instant lighting for each zone
  • 24-bit color support and gamma correction for universal color support
  • Enclosure: 8.9” (226mm ) x 4.75” (120mm) x 1.8” (46mm)

Quick Guide (pdf)
Owner's Manual (pdf)