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Newmar NS-12-20 StartGuard [NS-12-20]

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NS-12-20 StartGuard

The abrupt DC system voltage drop that accompanies engine starting can cause micro-processor-driven electronics aboard vehicles or vessels to "dump" programmed memory. StartGuard solves these problems by providing supplemental power to sensitive electronics while the engines are cranking. Newmar's NS-12-20 StartGuard supplies backup power for electronics during engine start. 


Mount the StartGuard in any convenient location, such as under the dash or console, using the four mounting screws provided or #10 bolts.


Input from the power source to the electronics must be routed through the StartGuard.


  • Input Voltage: 13.8-14.8 VDC nominal, 15.5 VDC Max
  • Relay Activation Input Voltage: 7-15 VDC
  • Output: 20 Amps Max
  • Battery: 12 VDC, 4.0 Amp/Hour, Sealed Rechargeable, 3-5 Year Life (Typical)
  • Backup Capacity (Fully Charged): 20 Amps for one minute/18 Amps for 2 minutes
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-40 degrees Celsius
  • Winter Storage Temperature Range: -20 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 4.9" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
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