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Egis RT Fuse Block 12 Position w/LED Indication [8029]

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RT Fuse Block 12 Position with LED Indication

This 12-position fuse block has a modular design that can produce seven (7) unique configurations from Egis 8028 & 8030 and reduce part numbers to stock for all build requirements. Also, this fuse block has an LED indication.


  • Blown fuse LEDs speed up the correction of system faults and improve the ability to remotely diagnose customer issues.
  • Harsh environment design with stainless steel self-locking hardware and optional weather-proof labels in standard or customized options.


  • Bullet-proof construction - designed with high-temperature materials and stainless steel self-locking hardware, allows mounting anywhere on the vehicle
  • Protects branch circuits by accepting ATO style fuses ranging from 1 through 40 Amps
  • Supports SAE circuit protection standards for thermal/short circuit events


  • Maximum Current (Entire Block) Amps: 100
  • Maximum Current (Per Circuit) Amps: 30
  • Max Output Wire Size: #10 AWG
  • Voltage Range VDC: 12-24
  • Number of Fuse Positions: 12
  • Compatible Fuse Types: ATO / ATC / ATF

Focal Features:

Spare Fuse Locations

Two locations per 6 circuits for spare or test resistors to reduce siren volumes during evaluation.

Stainless Steel Self-Locking Hardware

100 % non-ferrous corrosion-resistant materials. All attachment screws and nuts are self-locking.

LED Fuse Diagnostics

Blown fuse LED indication for each output circuit provides a clear indication of faulty circuits and eases troubleshooting issues remotely.

Cover/ Label Recesses

Protects terminal studs and cable terminal edges from inadvertent shorts to each other or ground.


  • Type: Fuse Blocks

Quick Guide (pdf)