Dolphin Charger

Dolphin Charger Premium Series Dolphin Battery Charger - 12V, 40A, 110/220VAC - 3 Outputs [99030]

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Premium Series Dolphin Battery Charger - 12V, 40A, 110/220VAC - 3 Outputs

The Premium range of chargers is perfect for most of today’s battery technologies, with a load capacity of up to 400 amps at 12V. These compact chargers are ideally suited to recharging batteries in light vehicles, ambulances, repair vehicles, and motorhomes. The Premium charger is perfect for workshops, pleasure boats, computer cabinets, and starter batteries for gen-sets.

The robust compact housing is lighter and easier to install than ever thanks to better mounting design and electrical speed connections. Outstanding features include the latest battery charging technology and a new charging program for lithium-ion-iron-phosphate batteries. These chargers come in a nice package, making them ideal for retailers.


  • 12V, 40A
  • Digital management with up-to-date RISC micro-controller
  • 4 charging programs, including one for Lithium-Ion-Iron-Phosphate with integrated BMS.
  • Charging program selection by internal dip switch.
  • Automatic weekly equalization for all charging programs 
  • Thanks to the Winsta (Wago) and Phoenix contact connectors, wiring and connections are easy and user-friendly.
  • 3 completely isolated battery outputs.
  • Manual Night Mode (Silent – fan turned off) by push-button is included with 12V-40A and 24V-20A
  • Automatic 115/230V switch-over
  • Touchview controller connection 12V-60A and 24V-30A

Owner's Manual (pdf)