Reliefband Classic Anti-Nausea Wristband [RB1]

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Classic Anti-Nausea Wristband

The Classic Anti-Nausea Wristband, known as Reliefband® Classic, is a cost-effective digital therapeutic device that is specifically designed to prevent and treat seasickness, nausea and vomiting caused by various factors such as anxiety, migraines diagnosed by a physician, motion sickness, hangovers, chemotherapy, and morning sickness during pregnancy. It can also be used in conjunction with antiemetic therapy to reduce postoperative nausea.

To use the wristband effectively, start by locating the appropriate area on the wrist. This can be done on either wrist, and the correct spot is between the two tendons on the underside of the wrist, approximately two finger widths away from the first crease.

Once you have found the area, make sure to clean it before proceeding. Apply a small drop of gel and spread it in a circular motion, creating a sheen that is about the size of a large coin.

Next, adjust the wristband and place it over the gelled area. Fasten it securely and press the power button to activate the device. It is recommended to start at power level 1 and gradually increase the stimulation until you feel a tingling sensation in your palm and middle finger. Adjust the power level to a comfortable setting.

When you no longer require the device, simply press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off.


  • Fits Wrist Sizes 4.5”-9.5”
  • Includes one 7.5 mL tube (0.25 oz) of hypoallergenic conductivity gel

This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

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